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DAveta_campaign_conversation_cc_cropAs a homeowner, a taxpayer, a parent of school children and a concerned resident of this city, I have decided to seek one of seven seats on the Medford City Council. This decision does not come lightly, as I believe Medford is at a critical juncture in its history. Over the last decade, we have built new schools, renovated and created parks and a new DPW building. But, more challenges face our city and we must find ways to meet those challenges while keeping people in their homes, maintaining a diverse community, and not saddling the residential homeowner with an increasing tax burden.

The following issues are among many that need attention and should be brought before the public:

  • increase pedestrian safety and slow speeding cars and trucks so that all ages can safely walk our streets;
  • renovate and improve our public library into a  true community center;
  • actively pursue a state-of-the-art public safety building for our police and fire departments;
  • make certain we have adequate funds to maintain our schools and parks; and
  • seek out the best possible commercial development as a perfectly positioned city just five miles from the heart of Boston.

A major focus of my time, if elected, would concentrate on Medford Square. Recently, much has been made of undesirable businesses locating here. Although the city cannot deny any lawful business from opening, the right administration can and should create an environment to attract great shops.  Better and cleaner roads and sidewalks, street trees and benches would be a start. We should make it less cumbersome for businesses to open and operate by offering a fast-track permitting process for allowed uses. There should be an emphasis on increasing evening activity in Medford Square, where there can be something to do for everyone from 7 to 97.

Let’s review the city’s charter in a series of public forums and ask residents how they would amend the charter to increase electoral competition and clarity. It is clear that we can and should be doing a better job at maintaining basic infrastructure with adequate resources and staffing.  We will work together for smart and better development, reducing the reliance on residential property taxes.

My professional experience is in economic development, city planning, project management and accessing grants from federal and state governments.

I intend to strengthen the best of what we have while advocating for residents’ wishes for the future. Let us work together to take advantage of the great location our city has in the Boston area, using the incredible talent of the residents here.

To get in touch with my campaign, please call or email me any time.

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