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At the invitation of the Medford Community Coalition, I made a video to introduce myself and the reasons I’m running. Please take a few minutes to watch. I welcome your comments and questions any time. I ask for your vote this year on November 3rd.


My name is Chris D’Aveta and I am running a campaign for change: change from stagnation, change from the status quo, and change from settling for average. I am a homeowner, taxpayer, husband and father of two Medford Public School children. As Medford enters a new era, an era that should be forward-looking and forward-thinking and acknowledge our position in the greater Boston area, I believe we need to focus more on policy and less on personalities.

I am a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and I have been a professional city planner, project manager and community development director in three cities. I have a personal commitment to represent citizens and build community through input and collaboration with residents.

I welcome the chance to speak with you and your neighbors and friends, hear people’s concerns and ideas, and answer questions about views and relevant work experience.

Through smart development and proper fiscal planning, Medford can and should be on making the most of what we have, and improving that which is lacking. We should be poised to take advantage of the good economic times and also prepare for the cyclical downturns which have become a part of our economy.

We can no longer ignore large capital improvement projects, or ignore the roads and sidewalks, the century old underground utilities and the lack of a maintenance plan for our schools, library and public buildings.

These questions are vitally important and have not been adequately addressed.

There are many positives. We must recognize and promote the most valuable asset we have, our location, the great parks and new playgrounds, the Fells, access to Boston through the West Medford Commuter Rail stop, a growing arts community, elementary and middle schools only a few years old, active and independently owned businesses, all of this next to an interstate highway, and just five miles from downtown Boston. These resources we possess should be our assets, the focus of our city council and mayor, in championing all of our positives.

In order to keep homeowner property taxes reasonable, we must pursue a short term and long term financial strategy with budget projections for years ahead. The right city council should be pushing the next mayor to do this. This will be a key initiative of my tenure on the city council. We must do this so that our schools, parks and infrastructure will no longer be stuck with band-aids year after year. We must formulate an idea of where we want to be in 5, 10 and 20 years. And for that we must have the involvement of our residents as the essential part of this process.

Please join me in this campaign; it’s really all about the residents of Medford. This election season we will see a great debate of issues the likes of which we have not seen for many years. This is our city and we are here to shape it for the better, for the present and for the future.

It would be an honor for me to have your support.

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