Candidate Forum Q&A

On the evening of Wednesday, October 7th I appeared at the City Council Candidates Forum organized by Medford resident Jay Campbell and held at City Hall.

Because 14 candidates are running for the seven open seats, we were split into two groups for carefully timed Q&A sessions. The format was reasonable and fair, and I believe it gave voters a chance to learn about each of us, see how we thought on our feet, and understand our abilities and experience.

Please watch these clips of my opening and closing statements, and the questions I answered.

Opening Statement


Question: What ideas or innovations would you propose if you were elected to the City Council?


Question: Some parks, as well as public and private buildings, are not ADA compliant. What can the city do to improve this situation?


Question: Arts, beautification, and public events are all important city components. How do you support any one, or all of these?


Closing Statement


As always, I’m interested to hear your responses, questions, and ideas. Please contact me at the email, phone number, or social media links below, or via my survey asking for residents’ thoughts on a better Medford.

I would welcome your vote on Election Day, November 3rd.

Thank you for your consideration.

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